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Painting and Decorating London Services

painting and decorating services london

Painting and Decorating Services in London by C.Palace

Colours for all interior should be chosen in accordance with both the client's preferences as well as function of the space.
We are capable of performing many painting and decoration services. From interior and exterior decoration, venetian plastering, french polishing and wallpaper hanging.

At C.palace, in compare with our competition, we stands out thanks to our attention to details. Another important thing, which distinguish us is our aestheticism. Those attributes are making a difference in quality of final effect of painting and decorating service.

We divide our Painting and Decorating London service on phases:

  • firstly we prepare the surface by scraping, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, sanding, patching, stain removal, filling nail holes or any defects, cleaning, taping and priming
  • next we use a masking tape and other protection, to protect surfaces we do not intend to paint
  • then the painting (applying of a thin protective and decorative uniform coats of paint) takes place
  • when we finish a painting and decorating, we clean up after the job

Wall Painting

Paints – Availability of paints is immense and one is distinguished from another by:
  • capacity,
  • opacity,
  • drying time,
  • sheen level: matt, gloss and a range in between the two,
  • water-based or oil-based,
  • types: emulsion, gloss, primer, undercoat etc.
When substrate is new we can:
  • Paint a traditional plaster after three weeks, when it's completely dry,
  • Paint a plasterboards, when filler/skim plaster is dry and prime,
When the substrate is old we:
  • Prime or aply an undercoat paint on cracked, loose, absorptive, crumbly surface to allow better adhesion of finishing paint to the surface,
  • Sandpaper or aply an undercoat paint on stained surfaces
  • Remove by a paint scraper or wire brush a peeling and flaking paint,
  • Paint over, some of wallpapered surfaces, as long as wallpaper is fixed properly and not peeling off, otherwise we remove the wallpaper,
At C.Palace, we strive for perfection, ensuring high quality workmanship not only throughout the painting process, but also during preparation of the surfaces.
We pay attention to correct paint stirring recommendations before use, optimal temperature for interior painting (5-25°C) and humidity, which should not exceed an 80%

We always aim to achieve the highest aesthetic and technical standards and pride ourselves on our quality of work.

If you are looking for highly skilled in a wide variety of techniques and approaches Painters and Decorators, Wallpaper Hangers in London, don’t hesitate to contact us.