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We are highly skilled in a wide variety of techniques and approaches. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern, decorative or simple, we are always happy to discuss your ideas and offer the right solution for you and your home. Below is a list of services that are most regularly requested. For more information on the services available, or for any bespoke requests you may have, please contact us here.
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Covering a specific surface with paint or varnish, despite appearances, is not a simple task. The use of improper equipment and incorrect technique causes that painting gives the opposite effect from the intended one. Paint drips, inadequate paint coverage or uneven colors are just some of the problems you can avoid by hiring our highly skilled painters and decorators. We provide services in the field of painting not only internal but also external.
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A key element of the property renovation is the external painting of facades, windows and doors. These are the elements that next to the roof, are one of the most important external points of the house. It definitely gives an effect that attracts the attention. More importantly, painting these elements protect them from weather conditions and UV rays. Most noteworthy is that it affects the lifetime of these elements. Therefore it's worth to hire our professional company to perfom the exterior painting.
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Our experienced team of painters and decorators are able to perform highest quality Fabric Walling. It gives the luxurious, old-fashioned, classic look to the rooms. The use of fabric walling certainly, makes the rooms cozy and pleasant to stay.
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Provides an additional palette of amazing effects. It allows you to give the rooms a unique look suited to the purpose of the space. For proper execution, it requires attention to details and accuracy. Wallpapering requires a knowledge of the techniques adequate to the materials used.
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Our skills, experience and attention to even the smallest details, allow us to achieve amazing results and the highest quality venetian plaster finish. We believe that this is a key element, because the quality of the interior finish has the greatest impact on our sense of aesthetics.
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Our trained and experienced team is able to carry out the highest quality wood finishing technique, french polishing. During many years of operation of our company, many satisfied customers have been convinced of this.
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Requires very high skills and the right equipment. The tiles must be laid evenly in all planes, because even the smallest inaccuracy is visible and spoils the intended effect. It is worth ordering the tiling to a professional company such as ours. Consequently, you will avoid disappointments and wasted materials.
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We specialise in all types of flooring, especially hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, marble flooring, ceramic flooring. Thanks to our specialists, we are able to perform any type of flooring to the highest possible standard.
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Building a house from scratch, refurbishing or finishing the flat is a series of necessary works to perform. If you want to make sure that final work will look exactly like on the project, then it is worth entrusting the project management to our qualified team.
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By entrusting us with maintaining your property, you can be sure that we will keep and take care of its condition. We will make sure that all devices and facilities are continuously operational and properly maintained.