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Tiles are the most popular material for finishing a floor, kitchen and most of all a bathroom. More and more often tiles can be laid in other rooms.
Wall and floor tiles can be laid on the surface that is completely flat, clean and free from any debris.
The surface have to be load deformation resistant, such as:
  • concrete
  • floor screed
  • cement plaster
  • sheetrock
  • aspenite (OSB)
tile laying london cpalace
tile laying london


Depending of the surface type and state it needs to be properly prepared. It has to be grease, dust and non absorptive coating free. While surfaces roughness shouldn't be larger than 2 mm, for greater roughness, tile adhesive for thick-bed applications can be used.


To ensure the safe and long lasting installation of tiles, natural stone pavers and marble on a variety of different substrates, a proper adhesive have to be used. The adhesives differ, depending of the surface, tile types, outdoor or indoor use and time of drying.

Tile laying

Before we start laying a tiles, we have to plan the job properly. Set out the tiles, consider visual impact, where our starting point should be, what objects we are working around to reduce amount of narrow cut tiles.
During laying a tiles, we have to use a level to check, if the tiles are evenly laid.


Thickness of the grout should be a 3-6% of the tile surface size. If the remainder is less than 0,5, it is worth to narrow first tile in a row, and to widen last one. For encrusted tiles, we have keep in mind a pattern layout.
tiling london
tiling london cpalace


Tiles can be laid in different patterns, a most common are:
  • Straight (or Stack Bond)
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone
  • English Bond
  • Stretcher Bond
  • Windmill
  • Basket Weave
  • Pin Wheel
  • Cobblestone
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