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Wallpaper Hanging by C.Palace

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Wallpaper Hanging by C.Palace

Wallpapers are coming back to our houses and flats! Richness of colors, patterns and high quality of materials make the wallpapering a perfect interior walls decoration. Modern as well as classic interiors can be wallpaper decorated. It’s not only a way to cover imperfections of the walls, but these times our clients choose wallpaper for decorating renovated houses as well as entirely new build properties.


Before we start wallpaper hanging it is very important to properly prepare the wall. There is a difference between new and old surface preparation.

When substrate is new:

  • Non-plastered surfaces should be wallpapered only when walls are plain. There should be a thin layer of primed plaster on a concrete or brick walls, before wallpaper can be hanged.
  • Wallpapering of a plasterboards can be performed when filler/skim plaster is dried and primed.

When substrate is old:

  • Cracked, loose, absorptive, crumbly surface has to be primed and holes and cracks should be filled during wall preparation.
  • Lumpy surfaces have to be primed and lining paper has to be hanged to cover minor imperfections on a surface before painting or wallpaper hanging.
  • Old wallpapers are always removed before a new wallpaper is hanged.

Wallpaper preparation:

If there is no pattern, the wallpaper is cut into strips in length of the wall height.
If there is a need of pattern match, the strips have to be longer than the wall height.

Wallpaper hanging:

Different types of wallpaper differ in ways of hanging. For example hanging a vinyl wallpaper usually involves pasting the wall and then hanging the wallpaper on to it.

At C.Palace we specialise in wallpaper hanging and fabric walling.

Our eye for detail and passion for perfection enables us to provide you with a high quality wallpaper hanging service with experienced Wallpaper Hangers, providing excellent workmanship and materials.
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